Move-In Day Hacks

It’s our first ever Wish-I-Knew Wednesday, and we’ve got some tips and tricks to help prepare you for college move-in day!

Today’s bloggers are Melanie Sam, 2016 EDGE alumna and rising sophomore at Santa Clara University, and Antoinette Swanson, 2012 EDGE alumna and graduate of Fordham University.

What’s the first day like?  What’s the environment? Who’s there?

Melanie: It is hectic! There will be lots of incoming students and their parents shuffling back and forth between the room and the car. Thankfully, we have our Welcome Weekend Move-In Helpers to do some of the running for us by helping the families load their items to a cart to your room! You’ll also find the Resident Assistants (RAs) running around trying to help everybody get settled. It’s both an exciting, yet nervous environment for sure!

Antoinette: The first word that comes to mind with move-in day is TRAFFIC! Be prepared for a lot of cars, U-Hauls, and pedestrians lifting lots of heavy things. But don’t worry! Schools’ orientation teams are pretty similar to our EDGE J-Crew on the first day of the seminar: enthusiastic and ready to go! There will be lots of people directing you to your dorm and where to pick up your ID and room keys! Be sure to take care of all of that first before unpacking the car! Everyone will be extremely helpful and welcoming. Sure it can be overwhelming, but just remember that everyone is excited you’re there!

What are three do’s and do-not’s on your first day?

DO WIPE DOWN ALL SURFACES IN THE ROOM!! You’d be surprised at all the dust that’s been collected over the summer!

DO Take a picture of the room before you move in so you can reference it when you move out on the last day!

DO Coordinate when to move in with your roommate (if you plan on living with others) and what to bring (ex. microwave, mini-fridge, etc.)

DON’T be a hoarder!! You won’t be able to bring everything from home to your dorm!

DON’T leave your door closed! An open door signals to others that you’re down to make friends!

DON’T stress too much! The day will fly by very quickly and everything will be okay, I promise!

What should you bring to your first day on move-in?

Melanie: Be sure to have your ID and any documents you need to have to move-in ready to speed up the process! Also Lysol/Clorox wipes – a bunch of them!

Antoinette: Be sure to bring the essentials – Clorox Wipes, Trash Bags, Command Hooks, Lysol, and Water! Go in this order! Make sure you wipe everything down! You don’t know who’s been there, and/or if the room was thoroughly cleaned from the summer. Even if you do, trust me, you’ll be happy you got a good wipe down. Next you’ll want a trash bag for unpacking your boxes, etc. When you’ve put everything away, it’s time to decorate! Make your room, YOU! Use Command hooks/Tack to hang up your favorite posters, pictures, and decorations (check to see what you are allowed to use for decor, or the RA will get you!). When all is done, Lysol your mattress, make your bed, and then rest with some water! Take a moment, before your new life begins, and soak in your first time in your new home!

When should you start preparing for move-in?

Melanie: I would recommend about a month – a lot earlier than you’d think! Give yourself extra time if you are planning to ship all of your items to school (or friend’s place nearby school)! I would highly recommend also using this time to clean your room to find what ~sparks joy~ in your life! Connect with your roommate to see what shared items you want to have in your room, and research for the best prices online! PRO-TIP: ask if the store can ship to your school!

Antoinette: A month before you leave home, prepare your shopping list and look out for good deals online on Amazon Smile (you can select EDGE as your charity of choice!), Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart. The greatest deals are right before school begins, but don’t wait too long! You want to make sure you can still enjoy your moments before leaving home without worrying about where you’re going to get new sheets!

What are 2-3 resources you think are helpful for move-in day?

Melanie: If you know anybody who already goes to the school, I would recommend connecting with them to see if there is anything they would recommend bringing! Bonus points if they lived in your dorm! I would also recommend consulting your school’s website to see if they have a guide for what to bring and what not to bring (ex. candles, LED lights, etc.). Likewise, studying the map of the school is a good idea so you know where your dorm is!

Antoinette: Facebook is a great place to start! Check your school for any group pages to get to know the people you’ll be going to school with. Next, check out Bed Bath & Beyond’s Back-to-School shopping list for some great ideas about what you’ll need for your dorm. Last, check your school’s website for Campus Life to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of living on campus.

What’s been your personal experience with move-in day?

Melanie: The actual moving process was not as difficult as I had expected, and was pretty fast! I moved in with my sister and moved in during the morning and finished by lunch! On the actual move-in day for the rest of the first-years, I just went to get breakfast with my roommate (who also moved in early) and relaxed 🙂

Antoinette: My experience with move-in day was really cool but so, so fast! I got my ID, checked my room for damages (always a must, and I highly recommend photo-proof!), and unloaded the car. Before I knew it, my room was wiped down, my clothes unpacked, and I was saying goodbye to my family. That was the hardest part, but the community I moved into did a great job at immediately getting us involved in the campus activities, like going to rooftop pizza, and Open-Mic night—first day edition. We definitely immersed ourselves in the school from the get-go, and that made for an awesome four years!

Anything else you think we should know?

Melanie: I actually got to move in 5 days earlier than the regular date because I participated in a first-years hike that week! If there is any opportunity to move in early, I would recommend taking it! Chances are, it’s also an opportunity to meet other first-years!

Antoinette: If you feel overwhelmed on the first day, just know that there are tons of people around, literally begging to help you out! Don’t be afraid of asking an RA or Orientation team member for help. And if you get a little homesick on your first night, hey, that’s normal! It’s all a part of the adjustment. With a little Clorox and a little FaceTime, you’ll be already home.

Thank you Melanie and Antoinette for all your great move-in hacks! Keep an eye on our College Resources page for a new article every two weeks! Got move-in questions that still need answering? Comment below!

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