About Us

EDGE is a three day seminar that develops leadership potential, cultivates communication skills, and inspires community responsibility in high school sophomores.


EDGE develops leadership potential in high school sophomores and inspires them to give back. Through interactive experiences with their peers and leaders in the community, young leaders gain confidence and skills that enable them to create positive improvements in their schools, communities and the world.


By engaging youth and developing their leadership skills with a focus on service, we can feed the need for talented leadership in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to create the world in which we wish to live.

The Impact of EDGE

At the close of the seminar, students are challenged to complete 100 hours of service within the next year.  The effect of their service is exponential as they engage their peers, families and communities to join in their excitement for service, creating a ripple effect.

Alumni have logged over 10,000 hours of service in almost all counties in Northern California since 1999.  Alumni have also initiated organizations such as Students Against Violence, Key Clubs (Kiwanis), Juniorettes (GFWC), peer counseling groups and S.A.D.D.

2013 EDGE Youth Leadership Seminar Effect on Student Self-Perceptions

In 2013, of 94 students who completed the survey question, 96% pledged to complete 100 hours of volunteer service within the next year.