General Federation of Women's Club

Thank you to our loyal supporters: the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, an international organization with members in the United States and in 20 countries.

The ladies of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs have been active supporters of EDGE for over 30 years and have proven their unconditional loyalty through sponsorship, volunteerism, and participation within the seminar. Supporting the staff throughout the planning period, the ladies have been involved in every step of the way. Not only do they provide countless delicious snacks and enough hugs to last a lifetime; they help by sponsoring several students each year to come to the seminar. Thank you, ladies, we are forever grateful!


GFWC and EDGE - A Beautiful Partnership

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Alameda District
Alta Mira Club
Country Club of Washington Township
Filipino Woman's Club of the East Bay
Hill and Valley Club
Montclair Woman's Club
Past President's Assembly

Lorna Prieta District
Corralitos Woman's Club
Country Woman's Club of Campbell
Cupertino Federated Woman's Club
GFWC Peninsula Hills Women's Club
GFWC South San Francisco Women's Club
Mountain View Federated Women's Club
Santa Clara Women's Club
We and Our Neighbors Club
West Valley Federated Women's Club
Women's Club of Hollister
Past Presidents' Assembly

Mt. Diablo District
Federated Women of Upper Napa Valley
GFWC Danville Women's Club
GFWC Dublin/San Ramon Women's Club
GFWC Tracy Women's Club
Past Presidents' Assembly

About the Organization

The GFWC was founded in 1890 and is one of the world’s largest and oldest women’s volunteer community service organizations. Members include business owners, teachers, elected officials, home-makers, corporate executives, students, and retirees. There is considerable diversity in the ages, interests, and experiences of the GFWC members, and all are dedicated to working toward better communities. GFWC clubs have programs and projects that encompass some of the major issues of our time: community improvement, women’s health, child abuse prevention, substance abuse prevention, safety, literacy, and opportunities for the disabled. GFWC is also responsible for the establishment of 75 percent of the Nations’ public libraries.

What can GFWC offer EDGE Leaders?

Many clubs sponsor foreign exchange students, provide scholarships, and offer and conduct youth poetry and short story contests. The California GFWC offers opportunities for young women ages 12-18 to participate in volunteer community service activities through Juniorette Clubs.

For more information, please contact:

General Federation of Women's Club
1734 N. Street NM
Washington, D.C. 20036-2990

Phone: (202)347-3168