The Day Four Mentorship Program

Now that you’ve completed EDGE 2022 seminar, welcome to The Legacy! Day Four has prepared you to envision, create and execute your service goal. To help you be successful and support you on your progress, we invite you to join the Day Four mentorship program.

The Day Four mentorship program will connect you to experienced service mentors in addition to grouping you with a support group of fellow 2022 EDGE-topians with similar service goals/projects.

If you are interested in joining the Day Four Mentorship program, please use the following link to answer questions about your service interests. Click Me!

If you have any questions, please contact:

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After the 3-day EDGE Seminar is over, students often ask, "What's next?" EDGE's Day Four program helps sophomores continue to develop their leadership skills and transform their individual communities through the spirit of EDGE. By creating goals and utilizing experienced mentors to help guide and give them direction, the sophomores are able to grow as individual leaders within their community. Day Four focuses on community, academic, and personal growth for the sophomores, so that they may explore their passions, develop--and expand--their capabilities as leaders, grow within themselves, and empower others to do the same after the EDGE seminar and beyond.

The Mentorship Program presented by Day Four is a one of a kind opportunity in which you will be able to continue your EDGE journey to achieve your personal goals with a specific mentor chosen for you. The mentors are there to help and inspire you as you explore, develop, grow and empower!