Welcome to the 2019 EDGE Fundraising Challenge!

From May 1 until June 2, 2019, the competition is on! Donate on behalf of your favorite EDGE volunteer below. Our goal is to raise $22,000 total to empower high school sophomores across the Bay. Let's do this!

#edge2019 #staffraiseourhalf


Meet the team:

Team Staff: Nikhil Bedi, Dan Vu, Ali Iwashita, Jocelyn Avla, & Brianna Pekari

Team Leads: Danae Griffin, Austen Lowitz, Felipe Noguerol, Amy Larek Trotier, Allison Mateo, Morghen Johnson, Noreen Ahsan, John Pederi, Adam Saul, Jonny Styron, Elisa Trimboli, Eddie Meza, Amanda Purser, Michelle Wu, Janelle L. Hailey, Genie Ko, Alexander Dou, & Bryan Antigua

J-Crew: Rogelio Chavez, Justin Fajardo, Kaitlyn Phan, Brooklyn Johnson, Sanketh Santhosh, Maria Castillo, Kirandeep Klair, Ava Edwardson, Sarah Hess, Elina Ayon, Lindsey Huguet, Lindsey Tellman, Holden Smith, Adriana Hernandez, Jackie Nguyen, & Mark Sigua

S-Crew: Adrienne Boone, Jake Koshman-Ghiorso, Cordelia Varona, & Zade Lobo


Meet the team:

Alumni Committee: LeeAnn Patrick, Antoinette Swanson, Melanie Sam, & Amanda Mark

Day Four: Jess Mow, Troy Heitzinger, Julie Harris, Yasmin Ballew, and Lauren Miller

Media: Wyatt Hollister, Bella Tapia, Charlie Butterworth, Jerricka Pruitt, Finn Seni, Marisa Rodriguez, & Diego Cabrera

Ops: Jane Kim, Gabe Dumaop, Juliet Fong, Grace Cho, Lily Lee, Saira Shakeel, Audrey Steinkamp, Omar Flores, & John Horne

Program: Lindsay Huckaba, Carter Trinidad, Ava Hagwood, Scott Backovich, & Victor Romo

Recruitment: Bridget Brown, Raquel Mendoza, Nicole Munoz, Taylor Misa, Isabella Book, Michelle, Toro Medina, Jenne Martinez, Alexa Puga, Elisa Trimboli, & Angelina Hernandez

Technology and Infrastructure: Emily Dunlap, Claire Butterworth, Autumn Albers, & Zade Lobo

Every year, we bring 100+ high school sophomores (one from as many high schools in NorCal as possible) to a leadership seminar.

To be apart of this experience, students, schools or parents are tasked to drive to the location of the seminar. THEY DO NOT PAY ONE PENNY TO ATTEND! This is important because it allows EDGE to not only have a unique spirit, but to reach out to many students who would not otherwise be able to attend.

We are asking for your support by donating one of the following:

Students do not pay to attend and the seminar is funded entirely through donations.


This event will take place May 31st to June 2nd and will inspire student success in an amazing, high-energy experience where students gather with their peers and with leaders in the community to engage in leadership and team building activities. At the close of the seminar, students are challenged to complete 100 hours of service within the next year. The effect of their service is exponential as they engage their peers, families and communities to join in their excitement for service, creating a ripple effect.