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EDGE 2019

More than just your typical leadership seminar, EDGE is a fun-filled, high energy experience. You will walk away with new friends, new ideas and a wealth of new resources for becoming the leader that you want to be.

When and where is it?

Where: We are currently confirming our 2019 site - stay tuned!

When: TBD

Who speaks at EDGE?

EDGE features a variety of speakers, from motivational speakers, to community leaders, to panels of professionals in the non-profit sector.  We have a new Speaker Bio page about all of our wonderful speakers, check it out here!  It is important to note that EDGE does not take sides on politics or religion, and none of our speakers push a religious or political agenda on the students.  The speakers' aim is to teach, empower and motivate the students to become leaders in their local communities and in the world.

What kind of activities happen at EDGE?

At EDGE, students:

  • engage in team building exercises
  • learn from motivational speakers how to make an impact on their world
  • participate in communication work shops
  • improve public speaking skills
  • perform group skits and cheers
  • hear from inspiring community leaders
  • have lots of fun
  • grow as a leader in many ways
  • make new friends and join a lifelong network of professionals and passionate individuals

Schools that have signed up for EDGE 2019 will be shown here:

Early Bird Deadline - March 15, 2019 11:59 PST


Deadlines for Student Selection and Registration

  • Early Bird Deadline: Friday March 15, 2019
  • Last chance to sign up a student: Friday April 12, 2019
  • Student registration deadline is May 1

EDGE 2019 dates will be finalized in late 2018 and schools may sign up beginning in January 2019.

Missed a deadline? Questions?

We want every student to attend!

However, occassionally students have emergencies that come up where they can no longer attend. Let us know so we can free up a spot for another student.

If you have any questions regarding these deadlines, please contact Bridget Brown and Raquel Mendoza at 510-408-6606 or

Frequently Asked Questions about the Seminar

Schools Start Here

Signing up for EDGE is a two-step process.  First, the school advisor or teacher will select a student and submit the school information and student contact information to us via this form.  When this form is submitted, the school contact, student, and parent/guardian will be sent a confirmation e-mail with more information about EDGE and a link to important paperwork that must be filled out by the student and a parent/guardian.

An overview of how to fill out the selection form is shown to the right.  All selections must be made through the school or through one of our non-profit partners.  Please contact us if you are interested in signing up, but are unsure of who to contact at your school.

The selection form is not yet available, but we plan to release it in January 2019 - stay tuned!

To sign up your selected student:

*Note: Sign ups have not yet started. We plan to release the selection form in January 2019.  Below is an overview of how sign up works for reference.

START: Click the giant START HERE button

Step 1: Fill in your contact information on the next page and click NEXT.

Step 2: Fill in your student's contact information and click NEXT.

Step 3: If you have an alternate student, fill in his/her information, if not, click CONFIRM AND SUBMIT.

Step 4a: You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided.

Step 4b: The first parent/guardian listed in your submission will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Step 4c: Your student will receive a notification email at the student email address you provided. Please be sure it is an email that they check frequently and a personal e-mail address (school e-mail addresses often block our organization).  Students will be receiving important additional paperwork and information at this e-mail.

IMPORTANT!  Please do not use the same email address for you and your student.  If your student does not have a personal email, please contact us.

Step 5: Once your student fills out the additional paperwork (sent in the confirmation e-mail) with a parent/guardian, they're all set! We may reach out to you if we do not receive their final paperwork in a timely fashion.

Questions? Please contact Raquel Mendoza and Bridget Brown at or 510-408-6606.